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This product is a unique cleaning solution designed to effectively dissolve road grease, dirt, oils, and debris that accumulate on the evaporator fins in your car. This debris is the source of foul odors circulated by your ventilation system. A mechanic or A/C technician installs our patented nozzle to inject the cleaner into the evaporator core case. It foams up to completely fill the evaporator core and casing where it cleans off bug parts, pet hair, nicotine residue and other contaminants. The Kit includes a can of cleaner, the injector system required to effectively place the cleaner into the ventilation system and instructions

Model Based Technology

PHM Technology develops engineering software tools that assist in the design, monitoring and assessment of PHM systems. The company has developed MADe since 1999 and commercialised its first release in 2008.

MADe leverages the extensive background and experience of an engineering team led by Dr Jacek Stecki, that has completed design, audit, condition monitoring and reliability projects in aerospace, defence, mining, offshore and power generation industries around the world.

Mercedes Benz US (Montvale, New Jersey) and Canada

"... Mercedes Benz US (Montvale, New Jersey) and Canada (98 Vanderhoof Ave. Toronto, ОН) has signed National Agreement for using DWD2 as their standard process to wash and sanitise A/C units and re-new its performance..."

for more information please call Mercedes Benz US Tel: 201-573-0600 Mercedes Benz Canada 1-800-387-0100 or DWD2 US Toll Free 877.438.3932


REPCO as a part of EXEGO Group became a National distributor of DWD2

REPCO as a part of EXEGO Group is the largest reseller and supplier in the automotive parts and accessories aftermarket in Australia and New Zealand with almost 400 stores across both countries.

This year Simdikoff Group has become a proud supplier of DWD2 to REPCO. REPCO (EXEGO Group) has signed a long term agreement to supply DWD2 to AU and NZ car enthusiasts who concern about health of their own and beloved ones . DWD2 is the latest technology in minimizing of Asthma Attack from USA.
According to National Asthma Council there are more than 2,000,000 asthma sufferers in Australia alone. DWD2 is the only product be able to clean air-conditioning system, which is NON-TOXIC, BIO-DEGRADABLE, Ph-BALANCED and Approved by National Asthma Council of Australia and New Zealand. No wonder why Mercedes-Benz in USA and Canada do sanitise their air-conditioning units only with DWD2.

Please ask nearest REPCO Store 133 227


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